June 14, 2024

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How To Play Macarena on Piano

macarena on piano

While the Macarena may most be remembered for its guitar, you can play the song on piano (and it sounds great!). We’re going to have two sections, one giving a simple version of the song on the piano for beginners (including help finding the keys) and then a more complex version for players comfortable using both hands to play.

Simplified Version of Macarena on Piano

Here’s a simplified version of the main melody, broken down into musical notes. Please note that the letters represent the musical notes and not the keys on the piano.

To make it easier, we will use the C Major scale:

  1. Start with the right hand, finger positioning:
    • Thumb (1) on C
    • Index (2) on D
    • Middle (3) on E
    • Ring (4) on F
    • Pinky (5) on G
  2. Play the following melody with your right hand:C – D – E – C – E – D – C C – D – E – C – E – D – C E – F – G – E – G – F – E E – F – G – E – G – F – E

You can repeat this melody as many times as you want. To add some variation, you can play accompanying chords with your left hand, like C major, G major, and F major. Try experimenting with different rhythms to make it more interesting. If you’re having trouble locating the keys, here’s some help:

The piano has a repeating pattern of 12 keys (7 white and 5 black) that constitute an octave. The white keys are the natural notes (A, B, C, D, E, F, and G), while the black keys are the accidentals (sharps and flats).

To locate the keys for the simple version of the Macarena, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the group of two black keys on the piano. The white key immediately to the left of this group is the C key.
  2. Moving to the right from C, the next white key is D.
  3. Continuing right, the next white key is E.
  4. The next white key to the right is F.
  5. Finally, the next white key to the right is G.

Now you have located the keys for the simple version of the Macarena. Here’s the melody again, as a reminder:

C – D – E – C – E – D – C C – D – E – C – E – D – C E – F – G – E – G – F – E E – F – G – E – G – F – E

Using your right hand, place your thumb (1) on C, index finger (2) on D, middle finger (3) on E, ring finger (4) on F, and pinky finger (5) on G. Then, play the melody according to the note sequence provided.

Keep in mind that this simplified version only uses the white keys. The original song may be in a different key, but this version will still give you a good starting point to play the Macarena on the piano.

Complex Version

To play the complex version, follow the steps below. We’re going to assume that you understand the concepts of chord formations on piano:

  1. Play the right-hand melody, starting with E and following the notes provided.
  2. Play the left-hand chords simultaneously with the right-hand melody.
  3. Start with C Major chord while playing the first part of the melody.
  4. Switch to G Major chord while playing the second part of the melody.
  5. Play F Major chord during the third part of the melody.
  6. Finally, play G Major chord during the fourth part of the melody.

You can experiment with different rhythms, dynamics, and articulations to create a more engaging rendition of the Macarena. Additionally, feel free to add octaves or inversions in the left-hand chords to make the arrangement more interesting.