May 28, 2024

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What is the Meaning Behind the Macarena Song?

What is the Meaning Behind the Macarena Song?

What is the meaning of the lyrics in the Macarena song? The meaning of the Macarena song has long been an interest to fans of the 90s viral song and dance. On one hand, the term “Macarena” is used so frequently in popular culture, that it actually appears in the dictionary. The official definition?

Ma-ca-re-na: noun. dance performed with exaggerated hip motion to a fast Latin rhythm.

Okay, but what is the song about?

As you’ll see below, as it pertains to the song, the actual word “macarena” is really a woman’s name and the main character of the song. For the meaning of the song, continue reading below but be warned…the subject of the song may not be quite what you thought. 

As a Huffington Post article pointed out, many fans of the dance are returning to the song only to discover it’s real meaning, when translated, will retroactively ruin your childhood.

They part of the soul crushing verses comes from the following stanza.

Give your body joy, Macarena Because your body is meant to be given joy and good things

Ok we’re still good. No issues here. All of our childhood memories are still well preserved in the naive bubble we left them. Let’s move on: 

Give your body joy, Macarena.

Hey Macarena!

Everything is still fine. Nothing wrong with giving your body joy. Might this re-hashing of our memories survive scrutiny? Don’t get too excited, as we enter the crucial stanza. 

Macarena has a boyfriend who is named

Who is named with the last name Vitorino

And while he was being sworn in as a conscript

She’s giving it to two friends

There you have it. Macarena is actually the name of a girl (nothing wrong with that). However she appears to be, if the song is to be believed, is having an affair with two guys who are friends with her boyfriend. Even worse, this appears to all be taking place because her boyfriend isn’t around because he has been conscripted into the military.

It’s not the childhood memory we deserve, but it’s the one we got.

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