July 13, 2024

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Chords to the Macarena

Chords to the Macarena

Macarena Chords for Guitar and Piano (Easy Tutorial)

Looking for the chords to the Macarena? Whether you want to play it on guitar or piano, we’ve got you covered. Below we’ll provide you two of our favorite arrangements of the Macarena (one on piano and the other on guitar).

Things to note: regardless of the instrument, the song was written in the key of A-flat major. The relative minor of the key is F minor in the event you have two guitars and have a little Macarena fun. The tempo is 103 beats per minute, and it’s a straightforward progression from A flat to G flat that runs through the entire song. 

Chords to the Macarena

The Macarena is based on a simple four-chord progression that repeats throughout the song. Here are the chords in the original key (A♭ Major):

  1. A♭ Major: A♭ – C – E♭
  2. E♭ Major: E♭ – G – B♭
  3. D♭ Major: D♭ – F – A♭
  4. E♭ Major: E♭ – G – B♭

To play the chords in the original key, you can follow this progression:

A♭ Major – E♭ Major – D♭ Major – E♭ Major

However, if you’d like to play the chords in an easier key like C Major, you can transpose the chords as follows:

  1. C Major: C – E – G
  2. G Major: G – B – D
  3. F Major: F – A – C
  4. G Major: G – B – D

The progression in the key of C Major would be:

C Major – G Major – F Major – G Major

This chord progression repeats throughout the entire song, and you can play it alongside the melody to create your own piano arrangement of the Macarena.

How to Play The Macarena on Guitar

Probably the most common instrument that is used to play the Macarena, is the guitar. The rhythm is emblematic of the genre, cuban Jazz which fans of the genre will be familiar with. If you’re looking for the sheet music, we tracked down the following site which offers the sheet music for $5. However, be sure to checkout the free options and covers of the song.

How to Play the Macarena on Piano

If Piano is more your thing, check out the following cover; we highly recommend the following video tutorial. It’s extremely helpful for beginning piano players and advanced players alike. Just remember the chord remains in A-flat major. Of course, the Macarena, like every other song ever written, can be played in any key if you modify the chords appropriately. If you’re having trouble, read our full write-up (with help on chord forms) about how to play the Macarena on the Piano.

Learn to Play The Macarena on Ukulele

We’ve talked about how to play the song on piano and guitar, but want to be really cool? Want to show off in front of friends? Learn to play the song on the ukulele. Now if you’re a master musician, you’ll know how to modify the chords to fit the four-string structure of the Ukulele. But if not? Check our full-page tutorial on how to play the Macarena on the Ukulele.


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